The Russian Chronicles - 10 Years Later

In 1995, American journalists Lisa Dickey and Gary Matoso spent three months traveling across Russia, interviewing and photographing ordinary Russians along the way. Using a prototype digital camera and rickety phone connections, Lisa and Gary posted stories, photos and sound bites to the Russian Chronicles – the first comprehensive, real-time Web travelogue of its kind.

Ten years later, Lisa went back to Russia to track down the people she’d met. In the fall of 2005, she and photographer David Hillegas retraced the entire '95 trip, posting photos and stories showing how those same Russians were faring now. Their travelogue, The Russian Chronicles - 10 Years Later, ran for eleven weeks on

For a "ten years later" taste, check out Vladivostok's lighthouse keepers, then and now.

Next trip = 2010! For more information, contact Lisa Dickey at